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Thinking of creating a website ? – think minimalistic

If you are thinking of creating a website, or a webpage you must be wondering how should you format your page to fill in with the ‘right’ amount of information without making it too cluttered. I know its easier said than done. No design is perfect and we (web designers, sometimes I like to call myself this name, I find it fancy ;)) keep on tweaking our designs, re ordering content, and resizing divs.

Here is a very good guide on how to create good web pages. Its based on “minimalistic” idea of creating web pages.

Minimalization is the ‘art’ of making a web page look un cluttered. There should be enough white space between sections to space things apart. Also there should not be more content than whats required. A picture speaks a thousand words, and its best to put a picture than writing a content, as it saves real estate and speaks volumes without making the visitor go through it (believe me , not many like to read everything).

Everyone has his own definition to minimalism. To me, minimalism means tending towards the google home page.

‘Always aim to be different from your crowd’ is another idea behind this theory as well. Every other site now a days is crowded with flash , images, widgets and so on. A site with clear and clean look stands out anytime.

Believe me, thats why I like wordpress better than blogger.

Read more here


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